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Fot. Mateusz Grybczyński

Authors included in the Eastreet 2 exhibition

Dear Eastreet Friends,

We’ve finished the selection process and it’s time to officially share it with you and the world. Thank you for all the submissions – your work is the key ingredient and we appreciate your kind words and ongoing support for our idea. I would also like to thank the team of curators: Joanna Kinowska (Leica Gallery Warsaw), Aleksander Bochenek and Grzegorz Ostręga (both WorkshopX) for their commitment and hard work!

Looks like the Eastreet is growing – the open call was a bit shorter and we accepted smaller number of photos (5, compared to 10 last year) and yet – we’ve received more submissions than last year! Also the quality was at least equally high. In the first stage of the (not easy!) selection process, we’ve created a pool of approximately 750 photos selected from the few thousands received in total. After that, 350 photographs were selected to the second editing stage, which took place in Lublin, Poland, a week ago. The final stage, happened only few days in Warsaw, where we were working on the layout of the exhibition and the very final selection. After that, we’ve decided to include 56 photographs in this year’s exhibition.

The list of all the authors selected for the Eastreet 2 exhibition:

Denis Abramov, Alexander Anufriev, Piotr Baczewski, Julia Belashova, Oliwia Beszczyńska, Dimitri Bogachuk, Piotr Bułhak, Damian Chrobak, Yulya Dahl, Maciej Dakowicz, Antonis Damolis, Dorin Goian, Wojciech Grzędziński, Mateusz Grybczyński, Jamie Howard, Tomer Ifrah, Anastasia Kichigina, Dimitris Makrygiannakis, Bartosz Mateńko, Valeria Mezentseva, Jan Michalko, Maria Novoselova, Jakub Oniszczuk, Mikhail Palinchak, Haris Panagiotakopoulos, Andreas Paradise, Michał Patroń, Jacek Petryszak, Łukasz Pieńkowski, Egor Rogalev, Marta Rybicka, Ilya Shtutsa, Giorgos Sifakis, Kostyantyn Smolyaninov, Michał Solarski, Stavros Stamatiou, Jacek Szust, Karol Szymkowiak, Vasile Catalin Tomoiaga, Ksenia Tsykunova, Aleksey Tudakov, Andrey Tulnov, Lukas Vasilikos, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Imrich Veber, Spiros Zervoudakis, Marta Zgierska.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the quality of work submitted to Eastreet was really high this year and we would love to include more photographs, which (obviously) isn’t possible. But because we couldn’t just ignore all the remaining great photos – would like to share them with you, and that’s we’ve decided to add the now formula to this year’s Eastreet: the slideshow projection. It will include the additional 50 photographs and will be presented (in loop) on a dedicated gallery wall in as a large format projection.

The list of authors included in the Eastreet 2 slideshow projection:

Michał Adamski, Semyon Aleschenko, Denis Ananiev, Aleksander Anufriev, Maciej Biedrzycki, Yulya Dahl, Tomasz Desperak, Ilia Dubrovskiy, Dirk Gebhardt, Łukasz Grzybowski, Igor Iefimov, Tomer Ifrah, Blerta Kambo, Ruben Karapetyan, Alexander Kazantsev, Anastasia Kichigina, Ania Kłosek, Savvas Kois, Kristina Koroleva, Dorota Kuchna, Marek Lapis, Marina Makovetskaya, Joanna Mrówka, Dmitry Muzalev, Aleksey Naumchik, Borys Nieśpielak, Haris Panagiotakopoulos, Kamil Pawlik, Paweł Piotrowski, Krzysztof Racoń, Vivian del Rio, Egor Rogalev, Robert Rutoed, Ilya Shtutsa, Stavros Stamatiou, Evgeniy Stepanets, Evgeniy Stiepanov, Marcin Sudak, Jacek Szust, Di Talkin, Olga Titova, Ksenia Tsykunowa, Yaroslaw Tymcyshyn, Adrian Wykrota, Jan Zappner, Artem Zhitenev.

Once again – big thank you to all the participants as well as to our partners. See you in Lublin at the opening of Eastreet 2 exhibition on 11th July 2014!

Best Regards,

Tomasz Kulbowski



photo by Mateusz Grybczyński

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