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Meet the Curators of the Eastreet project – people behind the process of selection, photo editing and the final shape of the exhibition and publication.

Joanna Kinowska

Art Historian specialising in photography. Independent photography curator and photography publications editor. Works at Służewski Dom Kultury where she manages educational programmes, especially “Place of Photography”. Author of photography-related articles, blogger and creator of Miejsce Fotografii. Teaches at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw.

Aleksander Bochenek

Freelance documentary photographer based in Krakow. Co-founder of workshopx and a member of the Polish Association of Journalists. Since graduating in photojournalism from GrisArt Escola in 2008, Aleksander has travelled extensively, covered various stories and engaged in several long-term photographic projects. His most recent, I Love My Sudder Street, portrays the everyday life of a Kolkata family His work has been exhibited in Poland, Spain, France, the UK and the USA.

Tomasz Kulbowski

Photographer based in Lublin, Poland, interested in exploring the interaction between the people and environment, the private space and public space. Devoted to street photography. His work has been published and awarded worldwide. Recipient of the President of Lublin City scholarship. Jury member of the Leica Street Photo competition. Originator and director of the Eastreet project. Member of the Un-Posed street photography collective. Educator and promoter of street and documentary photography. kulbowski.com

Grzegorz Ostręga

Photographer, journalist and editor based in Krakow, Poland. Before co-founding workshopx, he worked for the Polish quality paper Dziennik Polski daily and then for Southeast Asia Globe magazine, covering social issues. For a long time he travelled, photographed and lived in South and South-East Asian countries. Currently, he focuses on photo editing and promoting documentary photography.


For the third edition of Eastreet, the curators’ team was joined by a special guest: George Georgiou.



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