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Zisis Kardianos / Greece

Zisis Kardianos was born in 1962. He is a street and freelance photographer based in Zakynthos, Greece. He studied sociology in the Deree College and graduated in documentary photography in the Focus School of Athens. Photography is his obsession along with photo-book collecting and printing. He is a founding member of the international photography collective “Burn My Eye” and contributing photographer in the “Millennium Photo Agency”.

His work has been exhibited widely at home and abroad. In 2012 his first book “A sense of place” was published. In 2015 he started self-publishing a personal photography fanzine called “Flanerie”.

What I strives to achieve is the making through my photographs of an imaginary world where even the most prosaic situations can acquire a mysterious nuance and a meaning different from the one that they carry in reality.

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