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Lukas Vasilikos / Greece

Born in 1975, Crete, Greece. Started photography in 2006 and soon became an active figure in the burgeoning online street photography scene, winning various awards along the way. Beside his improvised street photographs, Lukas is also working on a more personal project exploring intimate family life, angst and loss.

In 2015 his work will be published in the new Gomma books influential album ‘Suture’, showcasing some of the top contemporary photographers. Lukas is a member of the “Depression Era” team of artists and writers that record the Greek crisis and he participated in an exhibition that took place in March 2014 at Palais de Beax Arts (Bozar), Belgium and in DUPON gallery part of Mois de la Photo a Paris in November 2014. He is also a member of the international collective “street-photographers” and the “Photography Circle”.

What I try to achieve through my photos is an attempt to re-develop the world and through it to show my own reality, the way I understand whatever surrounds me through everyday’s life and sometimes through the lives of others. My work is a view at life through time and place, through the man and the city he lives in. The basic principle of my work is the observation of the world through my personal perception and away from an epidermal and realistic approach. Color is one of the key elements of reality, of everyday’s life. The absence of color in most of my photographic projects, allows the viewer to enter the world that I create and to seek deeper than the obvious. Photography for me is to invent my own language through my lens, a way to express myself. Dealing with photography started because of this need, the need to express thoughts related to myself and those around me and the camera is the means to achieve this. It is a tool with which I impress expressions, feelings, thoughts and fears not only mine but also of my subjects on whom I choose to focus my lens. Among the concepts that I deal with is the family, human portraits, and the dipole of the memory and remembrance. The works of family and individual portraits focuses on the depiction of emotional states (pain, fear, longing, sadness, innocence) as well as of my personal concerns

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