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Galia Nazaryant / Cyprus

Photographer born in Moscow, currently lives in Cyprus.

I discovered photography about 12 years ago when I got back to school to study Interior Design (my first profession is translator) and a two year photography course was a part of an interesting and comprehensive curriculum. Since then photography became my main and favorite creative media. I was practicing mainly travel photography and only last year decided to expand my horizons. 2014 turned to be a breakthrough year for me. I participated in several workshops, visited 10 countries, won the 1st prize at Vienna International Photo Awards; for my work in the Balkans was invited to join BULB (Bucharest Urban League of photographers for the Balkans).

My photos are a quest for beauty:  in people and places, in big and in small things, in form and color, in light and shadow. If we look around with attention and care we’ll notice that beauty is everywhere and I totally relate to F.Dostoevsky saying that “Beauty Will Save the World”.

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