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Andreas Paradise / Greece

Andreas Paradise was born in 1969 in Athens, Greece where he still lives today. In 1988 he studied photography at the Technical Educational Institute of Athens, but some years later quit photography and worked in the financial sector. He holds an MBA from Kingston University in London.

Back in 2007 a meeting with Manos Lykakis and, later, with Platon Rivellis (founder of Photo Circle, student of G. Winogrand and Teacher of the most known Greek photographers) reminded him that he had unfinished business with photography. Since then photography has again been his first and daily priority, and the main way in which he expresses himself. His teachers except Platon Rivellis include Michael Ackerman, Jacob Aue Sobol and in 2011 he won a scholarship for a masterclass given by Anders Petersen.

He is member of the International street photography collective Street-Photographers.com.

He has participated with his photos in many group exhibitions and festivals all over the world. He has participated also in Eastreet 2013.

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