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Add Photos

•  Maximum 10 photos per person
•  JPG format only (RGB)
•  1200px long side
•  Maximum 1MB for one photo

File name should include your first and last name, as well as the photo location, year when it was taken, together and number (1, 2, 3, etc): FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_WARSAW_2017_1.JPG

To upload photos your browser needs to support Adobe Flash - check.
One more thing...
Eastreet’s main goal is to reflect the complex and diverse character of Eastern Europe as seen through the photography medium. We would like to ask you to share your observations, thoughts and experiences with us – what is your understanding and approach to the photography of the public space? What are your main areas of interest, your goals and inspirations? Brief information will be just fine, but we are open to more extended forms too. This is fully optional and will not affect your submission in any way.
Please wait until all photos are fully uploaded. This might take longer depending on the connection speed. If the form submission is taking too long, please check if you received a confirmation email - that will mean that the submission was successful. If for any reason you can't use the form - let us know.

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